Ladycat Volleyball

Betsy Layne Volleyball Mission Statement
Mission: The Lady Cats wish to provide individual instruction to each inspiring athlete. The high school volleyball program is all about bring uptempo volleyball to young athletes in hopes of eventually improving volleyball standings in the 15th Region.
Focus: Betsy Layne coaches will work one on one with each athlete to improve their level of play on an individual basis. The Lady Cats focus on fundamental and team oriented skills to increase their success during the season.
Result: Athletes who attend Betsy Layne and play volleyball will increase their knowledge of volleyball as well as their individual play.
History of Betsy Layne Volleyball - Accomplishments
· 2004 District Champions
· 2004 Region Runners Up
· 2007 District Runners Up
· 2009 District Champions
· 2009 Region Runners Up

Team Results

‚Äč5/1/2009 The LadyCats finished the 2008-2009 season with a record of 28-12. Some accomplishments include attending the All A Classic State Tournament, winning the 54th District Tournament, and coming in Runner's Up in the 15th Regional Tournament.

Team Members

Taylor Akers 
Andrea Akers
Amanda Blair
Ashley Johnson
Jessica Justice
Savannah Meade
Allie Meade
Amanda Newsome
Audri Ray
Cecelia Ray
Keleigh Wagner
Taylor Watkins
Katie Williams
Samantha Williams

Team Files

Team Links

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