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This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24

​Second nine weeks. Wow this school year is moving fast. Art I will be studying the elements form and texture over the next two weeks or so. Art II will be learning about acrylics and beginning their first acrylic painting. Art III an IV will be refreshing on watercolor and doing a mixed acrylic media piece. That leaves VPA....we just saw The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow..prety good, especially the visual art aspects. 


We're back!
Just in time and with a lot of effort this page is being updated.  So here goes. As you already know you can contact me at my school email at anytime as some of you already have done.  So if you can contact me by school email, why do this to?  Because, we love overkill and finding a way to do something twice and taking the time to do it twice seems to be the aim of a lot things we do.  

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” 
― Jimmy Dean

Second nine weeks


End of the first nine weeks
The end of the first nine weeks is close at hand. If you are behind or need some extra help...stay for ESS on Tuesdays. See me if you plan on staying for Art or my VPA class. Remember that you will get 20% of your grade for the school year each nine weeks. 

Week 4
Week 4 I think. Anyhow Open House this week. I hope to see all of you. Come visit and check on your son or daughters success.  This week art I is working on the element of line, right after a little review of the purposes and an opportunity for students to refine portfolios. Art II will be completing the Grid Self Portraits. Art III and IV will be completing the Scratch Art project.  VPA will be studing the Elements of Artr and looking at some modern artist.

Week 4
I think that my week are a little off but I am on here..... What is going on this week Art I is working on the purposes of art and being introduced to the element of line. Art II will be working on drawing grids and drawing a self portrait.  Art III and IV will be doing some more pen and ink and generating a drawing for a scratch art board.  I am expecting some great artwork....

Week 3
Hard to believe that we are in week 3 of this school year but here we are.   So what going on in the art world?  Art I will study the purposes of art this week and make a collage showing the different purposes.  Art 2 will be review the Elements of Art and also making a poster showing examples of the elements.  Art 3 and 4 are learning about Pen and Ink and looking at various bellringers and just for informational purposes.  VPA will have a test this week over the Media and Purposes of Art.  VPA will also create a ceramiic pinch pot...

Week 2
Here we are at week number two...Art I through Art IV will be working on a portfolio assignment this week.. Each class with have a slightly different variaition to the assignment.

I am looking forward to a wonderful school year with you and I thank you for your participation in future adventures. I am so blessed to have a job and that is because of you...thank you! Tuesday and Wednesday will do intros and discuss expectation...some goal setting and some note taking and of course some art as the week goes on.....

Welcome back to school!  Are you ready to Rock? So let's get busy! 


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