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English III
I hope you all are enjoying our reading of The Great Gatsby. If you want some more information on the author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, check out some of his online biographies.

AP Langthe-things-they-carried
Remember, you have pages 1-85 to read over the break. Don't forget about your questions! Also, make sure all in-text citations are in MLA format. Have a great Thanksgiving!

AP Lang

 Our next unit will be War, Peace, and Politcs. The readings in this unit will revolve around the idea of war and how it is handled by citizens and government offcials. We will see how these three factors affect our everyday lives. Also, this unit will include our look into the argument essay on the AP exam and DEBATES!!!! Am I excited? Oh, yeah!!!

English III
 All English III web quests will be presented on Tuesday, November 12th. We will be having a Veteran's Day program on Monday. We will be doing a reflection activity in class after the program, so the presentations will be pushed back to Tuesday! 

Mock On Demand
Juniors, you have a mock On Demand writing coming up in the new few weeks. This will be conducted through AA classes. Remember, try your best, use your formats, and review your work (if you have extra time). You all will do fine, and I cannot wait to see the results!


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