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Christina Case

As a teacher I feel it's very important to help students develop a like for mathematics. Math is usually a subject most students have developed a "fear" of throughout the years. However, when given the opportunity many students can excel in mathematics. I devote my teaching to reaching all students and hopefully bringing them around to no longer fear mathematics, but develop an ability to utilize mathematics.  In order for this to be successfully implemented I need cooperation from both students and guardians.  To assist in the cooperation, I have classroom procedures and student expectations, which are listed below. 

Classroom Procedures:
Students must arrive on time to class with all materials.
Students begin class with a Problem of the Day (POD) on the board.
Then students add to their notes folder or utilize notes folder during a class activity.
The end of class students are to clean up around their seats and turn in class work or keep for homework.

Student Procedures:
Students are to be responsible for their materials.
Students need to take care of all classroom materials. 
Students must be respectful of themselves, the classroom, peers, and authority figures.

Class Schedule:

  1. Geometry
  2. Algebra II
  3. Calculus
  4. Math Strategies (Rotation)
  5. Algebra II
  6. Algebra II



1st day of school!!!!
Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer!

I just wanted to put my supply list online just in case...
For any of my math classes the following materials will be necessary:

2 (3 prong with pocket) paperback or plastic folders ---- NO BINDERS please!

Optional Materials (I will provide these while supplies last)

Graph Paper
Colored Pencils

Thank you! Look forward to having you in class!


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